Our association, I LABORATORI, was founded in 1997. Responding to a common need, 16 arts and craftsmen and women joined forces with the aim of organising craft markets for the exhibition and sale of their creative works, in Modena and Emilia Romagna.

Over the years, the founding group has grown and the number of members included in the register set up in conjunction with Modena City Council now totals around 180.

The experience gained through the numerous events organised and the ongoing relations between all the craftspeople has allowed us to draw up a set of regulations, whose application ensures the high quality of the arts and crafts goods offered.


First Saturday of each month and Christmas period. On the first Saturday of each month, one Modena’s most attractive squares, Piazza Mazzini, hosts an outstandingly successful example of cooperation between the local council and a group of people joined by a passion for arts and crafts.
Formed in 1997, the I LABORATORI association brings together craftsmen and women, motivated by neither political orientation or financial interest, whose goal is simply to display the fruits of their creativity to the public, local and otherwise.

The quality of these original creations, produced by skilled hands employing a variety of techniques and materials, is one of the mainstays of our association’s identity.

The artisans’ involvement in the market is overseen by the association to ensure compliance with its bylaws and the application of specific regulations.

Supervision of this kind offers a necessary tool to maintain the high quality of this event, which is aimed not only at the city of Modena, but other areas too.

Through their presence at such events, the members of I LABORATORI intend to bring alive the traditions of Modena and its handcrafted treasures in other cities and regions.

One of the association’s main goals is undoubtedly to be an active part of its own city, participating in the series of events that regularly enliven Modena’s old town.

One feature greatly appreciated by the public is the open-air workshops held amidst the market’s stalls.

The members of I LABORATORI are also a constant, welcome presence in the old town in the days running up to Christmas, where the market adds to the festive atmosphere.


Our market is held in Piazza Mazzini, in the heart of Modena’s old town.

After ten years spent in Piazza Torre, restoration works on the Ghirlandina tower led to a change in location and we have been in Piazza Mazzini since October 2007.

You can visit our exhibition on the first Saturday of each month in March, April, May, September, October, and November and for a longer spell during the days before Christmas.

We are there all day, from 9.30 am through to around 7.30 pm.

But that's not all!

You can also find us at all the major events held in the old town, at which we hold additional dates for our exhibitions.

During these events our craftsmen and women adapt to the themes of the initiatives, offering hands-on workshops for visitors to learn a vast assortment of techniques and try their hand at creating a masterpiece to take home with them.

We are also often invited, as the guests of a number of local authorities and associations, to organise arts and craft markets/exhibitions or take part in them, giving special priority to initiatives to encourage the rediscovery of old towns.


Anyone interested can take part in the practical workshops we organise regularly in the square.

This is a great opportunity for adults and children to get first-hand knowledge of the world of arts and crafts and experience the satisfaction of creating an object with their own hands, through short courses held by the artisans themselves.

The workshops are held in September, October, April, and May. They may be held either by association members or other craftsmen or women in their place.